1. Reduce the intake of PROTEIN
    Reduce intake of all types of meat
    Reduce intake of boiled fish
    Reduce Beans, moi-moi, Ukwa
  2. Reduce intake of SODIUM
    Reduce intake of salt, spices, magi, thyme, curry, Soy sauce, magi Sauce, Ham meat
  3. Reduce intake of CALCIUM
    Reduce whole milk, cheese, yoghurt, milk, sardines, dark leafy greens like onugbu, ugu and greens, fortified cereals such as Frosties, corn flakes (They have a lot of calcium in one serving.), fortified orange juice, Soybeans, Enriched breads, bones.
  4. Reduce intake of PHOSPHATE
    Reduce foods made with baking powder, mustard, skimmed milk, sardine, Mackerel, shrimp, Egg yolk, Sesame, pumpkin
  5. Increase intake of Calories
    Rice, yam, cassava, Abacha, Garri, Potatoes, Ripe plantain, Spaghetti, noodles bread, Crackers with Tea and Coffee
  6. Other Things
    Reduce intake of water
    Reduce Ice-cream and Yoghurt
    Best soup is Nsala soup. Okro without green is also good
    You can take roasted fish
    All fruits especially apple, pineapple but not orange and grape fruit.