Cosmetic surgery utilizes various surgical techniques to provide a patient with a certain desire appearance and physical re-contouring. It is also used to correct some defects which may arise from accident, aging process chemicals allergic and non allergic reaction etc it is also useful in the treatment of certain.

Modern medical technology has been able to offer cosmetic manoeuvres without taking the patient to a theatre, applying anaesthesia, an undergoing surgery. Non surgical cosmetic therapy can be performed with LASER.

Advantage of laser cosmetic Treatment

  1. Surgical therapy is combated with the complications of anaesthesia, blood loss, infection and scarring. Laser therapy is safe, avoids the use of general and complications of surgery.
  2. Laser cosmetics therapy does not require you to be admitted in hospital, much unlike surgical cosmetology.

What can laser cosmetic treatment do for you?

  1. Spots, tattoo and dermal therapy
    1. With the highest energy (1400mj), the laser can constringe pores, get rid of the scar and make the skin smooth.
    2. Completely remove different colour tattoos from any part of the body, eyebrow tattoos, lip liner tattoos etc.
    3. Eliminate all kinds of pigment of skin, such as age pigment, chloasma, freckles, skin stains etc.
    4. Remove unwanted birth marks, Ota nevus, black nevus etc.
    5. Guarantees a short treatment and outstanding effect to male your skin white, tender and smooth, without leaving any scars.
  2. Deep treatment
    1. Hair removal: can remove all type of hair from the face and the body permanently and completely. Such as facial hair, bikini hair, leg hair, arm hair etc At (640nm) wavelength, its energy will act on the hair follicle alone and destroy the follicle tissues. The residues will be engulfed by macrophage end expelled from the body. This component will treat all forms of folliculitis ie. folliculitis capitis.
    2. Vascular Therapy: Removes spider vein, red capillary erythema, abnormal tiny blood vessels (angiotelectasia) varicosities, whelk, scar of acne, rosacea etc.
    3. Skin Resurfacing and Acne Treatment: wipe out speckle, plaque freckle, sun scald , bleaching burns , chloasma, butterfly spot, age pigment.
      Using a wavelength of 430nm it cures all forms of acne. The photon will also kill the bacillus - Propionibacterium , that result in some type of acne formation.
    4. Skin Rejuvenation: Removes all kinds of wrinkles on the face and body and stimulate collagen to grow and make elastic fibers rearranged, finally the skin becomes wrinkleless, glossier and smothers.
    5. Collagen Treatment: Removes stretch mars of pregnancy and weight change. Can effect breast lift, brow lift, face life and skin tightening and complexion whitening. At 560nm-the SR (skin rejuvenation) component factor kicks in: its quantum will stimulate the regrowth of collagen, and promote the rearrangement of elastic fibers, to rejuvenate skin, tighten skin and remove wrinkles. The effects of laser are amazing.

Contraindications and disadvantages

  1. Lasers cannot be applied on pregnant women.
  2. People with pacemaker or dispelling quiver devices.
  3. Serious diabetics.
  4. Epileptics.
  5. For some patients, the desired cosmetic look will not be achieved in one laser session. Some will require between 1-5 sessions, with 3-4 weeks in-between.

Procedures for getting a laser treatment

  1. Book an appointment with your laser technologist or doctor.
  2. Avoid chemical (bleaching creams, shaving creams etc) or mechanical stimulation one week before and after the treatment.
  3. Affected area should not be injured or traumatized
  4. Meet your doctor for medical assessment, so he will prescribe the proper laser machine and laser protocol to be utilized for treatment.
  5. You will have to run a urinalysis and blood sugar lab examination.
  6. Your doctor will present a consent for your authorization before the procedure.
  7. During treatment you will be given protective eyewear to use.
  8. A gel like substance will be applied on the working area, which will give a cool numbing sensation.
  9. The laser shots feel like pin pricks, and will easily be tolerated.
  10. Avoid direct or indirect heat/sun stimulation to the treatment area, 3 days after treatment, especially for those dark patients.
  11. After the treatment, patients are not allowed to take food and drinks dark colour or very spicy food within one week, such as sauce, coke, sea foods, capsicum etc.
  12. Your doctor may give you a cream prescription to apply for a few days but it is not advised to use any cosmetics after the treatment for a week.